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Self-Adhesive (Peel and Stick) Magnet in Sheets and Rolls

30mil White Magnet RollsOur magnet sheeting is used to turn any flat item into a magnet and is intended for indoor use. Simply peel off the protective silicon paper to reveal the adhesive and stick the super strong magnet on the back of a photo, drawing, newspaper clipping, sign, favorite recipe card or any flat lightweight item. These magnets stick like crazy and are permanently magnetic. Use our thicker magnets (30 mil or more) for arts and craft projects. Be sure to follow our recommended use chart below to find the perfect magnet for your job. Please note, the thicker the magnet, the stronger the magnet.

Recommended uses for Self-Adhesive (Peel and Stick) Magnet

Thickness Used mainly for...
15 mil Business cards, single sheets of paper and photos on a steel surface
20 mil Die-cut matboard pictures frames, posters, heavyweight papers
and lightweight craft projects on a steel surface
30 mil Lightweight traditional picture frames for use on magnetic walls
and medium-weight craft projects
60 mil Traditional picture frames for use on magnetic walls
and heavier craft projects

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15 mil thick 20 mil thick 30 mil thick 60 mil thick

Helpful Hint

Dennis W. of Albany, NY asks us: "I just purchased some of your 4" x 6" photo magnets and was wondering if there is a tool available to help in mounting the adhesive magnets on the back of my photos."

Dear Dennis,
You don't need a special tool to adhere the magnets to the backs of the photos. Here's how it is done. Click on any photo for a larger picture.

Since the photos and the magnets are cut separately, usually by different people using different machines or cutting methods, the sizes may not match perfectly. If you have a little excess photo or magnet at the edges, you can just trim off a little to even things up. A more professional way to attach the magnets is to die-cut the photos after the magnets are applied. This produces a magnetic photo of just a little smaller finished size but with perfectly even edges with no magnet or photo showing along the edges. This page explains the process of how we can adhere the magnets and die-cut your photo-magnets for you. You simply supply the photos. It also explains how you can get your own professional quality table-top die cutter and do the entire job yourself, easily and inexpensively.

I also invented the magnetic pocket frame to make magnetically displaying your photos super easy. The pocket style magnetic frame is made like a pocket, closed on three sides and open on one for easy insertion of a photo. The front is crystal clear photo friendly vinyl to protect the photo while on display while the back has a huge flexible sheet magnet to hold the photo and frame securely on any steel surface or a wall painted with our Magically Magnetic Paint. The pocket frames are easy to use and re-use and they are inexpensive. You can even mail them with a card or letter to a friend far away. Read more about our pocket style photo frames.

I hope this helps. Thank you for writing.

David B. Lytle

Magically Magnetic Inc. sells LYTLE Magnetic Photo and Art Frames exclusively, the smart, easy, fun, modern way to protect and display your favorite photos. They're the Original and they're the best. All LYTLE products are protected by US patent and copyright laws.