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See what people are saying about Magically Magnetic Paint and Photo Frames.

Drop us a line with a photo of your magnetic wall and we will show the world.

Magnetic Document Holder
Magnetic Document Holder
Magnetic Document Holder
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Glen M. from Franklin, WI

"Thanks for the frames, they look fantastic. These frames are just the item we were looking for with a much faster turnaround time than we expected."

Glen asked us to design a frame for documents that would be beautiful, strong and hold a standard sheet of 8½ by 11 paper that could be easily changed when needed. After careful thought and consideration, David came up with his new iMag magnetic frame. Made of a single sheet of heavy duty crystal clear vinyl sheeting to protect the front surface of the insert, silk screened with a colored mat about ¾ of an inch wide around the art or document, fully surrounded on the back by extra thick and extra strong flat magnet that will hold the frame on any steel surface. Additionally, we are able to offer a light weight magnetic backing for these frames for special needs where the item in the frame will be moved often or stored separately. The light weight backing will become part of the frame with its own magnet on the back for mounting. These frames are so smooth and expertly manufactured; they look like part of the art in the frame. Just bend down a corner and the insert can be removed quickly and a new insert replaced in the frame any time. Allow the frame corner to spring back and the seal is complete again. Dirt and dust are excluded and the art or document in the frame is visible for as long as you need. Nothing is more beautiful or professional in its appearance. When you have an item of obvious value to display, let Lytle iMag frames be your frame of choice. Read more about iMag frames here.

Organize your wall with magnetic paint
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Kelly's organizer wall
Kelly S. from Newcastle, WA

"I had always intended to make a magnetic wall calendar and chalkboard on a wall in our home but then realized that since the wall is textured the chalkboard component of the magnetic paint might not work as well. THANK GOODNESS I had the foresight to make it magnetic with your magnetic paint additive. Now we can use your soft magnetic photo pocket frames and adhesive magnetic sheets to create icons, message inserts and lists for each day. We are using the wall calendar as a central organizational hub in our house. It's like an interactive piece of art that is also functional. Our kids are very young still so this will enable us to teach them not only the concepts of the days of the week in each month but also organization and planning.

All of your products were delivered as described on your website. We did 3 coats of the magnetic primer with your additive before painting 3 coats of the chalkboard paint on top. All sheet magnets and other magnetic products purchased from your site have worked wonderfully. Thanks for making such great products. We expect years of organization, creativity and fun to come."

refrigerator photo frames
Before Magically Magnetic
refrigerator photo frames
After Magically Magnetic
Winfred (Bill) M. from Swartz Creek, MI

Bill called to tell us about his refrgerator with all his children's and grandchildren's photos. The photos were displayed with regular magnets, causing them to curl up and accidentally get knocked to the floor. Ordinary magnets were just not doing what he needed. He had seen our website and liked the frames and thought they would be just what he needed. His wife was away and he wanted to surprise her when she returned by putting up all the kid's photos on the fridge in a way that they would be beautiful, safe and secure. He placed his order and within a few days he called us back to tell us how great his fridge looked now. At my request, he was kind enough to send us some before and after pictures of his fridge. I think his wife will be pleased. Thank you Bill. Great Job!

Magnetic Paint Mural
Magnetic Paint Mural
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see Zelly's wall
Zelly and Billy from Spokane, WA

"Thought we'd send you some pictures of the magnetic paint in use and let you know how much we enjoyed using your magnetic paint. The pictures included are of a mural painted by Bill Henry Edge at the Unity Church of Truth in Spokane, WA, with magnetic paint painted behind the tree. We put multiple coats on the wall before the tree was painted onto the wall. We used two quart sized paints and the roller that you sell is far superior to the ones in the paint stores. We learned that after the first quart didn't cover the whole wall area. We ordered another quart and used your roller with the second quart. It went on smoothly and covered completely. The animals were painted and then attached to the self-adhesive magnet by the foot. The 11 different animals can be placed anywhere on the tree and on the lower grass area. During the Christmas season we are going to put lights or maybe just shiny ornaments, on the tree. It is a beautiful mural that is and will be enjoyed for many years with the unique ability to put magnetic pictures anywhere on the tree.
We tell everyone about your paint and we love it."

Magnetic Patent Wall
Magnetic Patent Wall
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see Dennis' wall
Dennis H. from Ann Arbor, MI

"Dear Magically Magnetic,
Here is a picture of our almost finished magnetic wall project. There will eventually be approximately 180 domestic and foreign patents in 11 by 14 inch magnetic frames on the wall. The weight of each framed patent is about 1 pound 12 ounces. We applied 4 to 5 coats of your magnetic paint to the wall followed by two coats of finish latex paint without the additive. 30 mil sheet magnets seem to work fine to hold up the frames. Thank you for your fine products."

Fire Photo Wall
Fire Photo Wall
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see Nancy's display
Nancy H. from Arroyo Grande, CA

I've attached 2 photos showing the way we use your magnetic photo holders. We have tried many other ways and this has been the best. When a firefighter leaves the department or gets promoted, etc., it's easy to replace the photos! I've ordered additional ones because our department is growing.
Five Cities Fire Authority"

Magnetic Art Wall
Magnetic Art Wall
Magnetic Art Wall
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see Meredith's Art
Meredith D. from San Antonio, TX

"Dear Magically Magnetic Folks,
Obviously, from my orders, I love your product! The magnetic paint is the perfect solution for me to use in the work that I am currently doing. I am going to need some Magically Magnetic additive in Italy this summer and wanted to know the shipping costs of two gallons of additive to Florence? Or do you have an Italian distributor or a distributor in Europe? You asked for examples of how we are using your product and I have attached installation shots from 3 different shows using your rare earth magnets and Magically Magnetic paint. It has expanded my artistic world! I would be glad for you to use some images of my work on your site. Thanks!"

Magnetic Wall
Magnetic Wall
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see Mary's wall
Mary T. from Amherst, NH

"Dear Magically Magnetic,
Over the Christmas holidays we used your paint additive to prepare an area about 3.5' x 20' for our collection of almost 1200 magnets. We finally have some photos for you. Getting them all into one photo was too difficult for my little camera. These two pictures show the bulk of them, but there are still more to the far left and right. Some of the heavier items with low quality magnets refused to stick. We found that attaching your rare earth magnets to their backs did the trick!"

Magnetic Wall
Click image to
see Abby's mural
Abby A. from Norwood, CO

Here is the photo of the mural that is being pictured in American Painting Contractor magazine. They haven't announced their winners yet and only contacted me because I asked, so you may want to just subscribe to the magazine (free) and wait to see which issue it is in. Thanks for a winning product!"

Doug and Pat Wiley

"Dear Magically Magnetic,
In our home, we have a long wall in our hallway covered with family photos all framed and hung with nails, wire and hooks. We decided to change the display method to a magnetic wall and chose your Magically Magnetic additive for the job. We ordered two gallons worth of the additive and I am pleased to say that it arrived very quickly. We found it worked best to apply five coats of the magnetic paint to our wall. We tested it with a heavy wooden frame with 60-mil thick adhesive sheet magnet on the back and it stuck fast. Next we did our finish coat in the yellow paint without the additive like was described in the directions. Finally, when all was dry, we hung our pictures. They all stuck perfectly. It was a breeze to do the arranging. Moving the pictures on the wall was so easy. If we didn't like the placement, we just moved the pictures. Finally, it was done. We took pictures of the wall to show you. The total was 261 pictures weighing a total of 175 pounds. The largest framed photo was 11" by 14" with the smallest being only 2" by 3". The only pieces hung on nails were a pair of 2 foot by 2 foot mirrors.

Your product delivered everything promised. We are very satisfied and extremely happy with our results. The magnetic paint was easy to mix, easy to apply and easy to use. The hardest part of the whole process was taking off all the hardware, hooks and wire from the frames and patching all the holes in the wall. Our family and friends are impresed with the wall and can't believe it is just magnets that hold it all in place. We actually have to pull down frames to demonstrate how it works. Thank you for your excellent products and customer service. Please feel free to use our photos and names on your web site. We recommend your products to anyone.

We have decided to do it again on another smaller wall. Please ship us one quarts worth of the magnetic paint additive and a 10 pack of 60 mil magnet in 8" by 10" sheets."

Magnetic Photo Wall
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What a Magnetic Wall!
2. Click to Enlarge
What a Magnetic Wall!
3. Click to Enlarge

1. First there was one. This sample heavy wooden frame was used to test the holding power of the magnetic paint.

2. Then there were many.

3. One by one, their magnetic wall gallery grew. That is Pat and Doug's photo in the top right corner. They are now famous. Just think, you could have done this and it could have been your wall and pictures seen worldwide. It's not too late to send in your photo and letter.

Kelly F. from Lynn Haven, FL
"Mr. Lytle,
As always, excellent service and a great products! The paint and magnets work perfectly together. Thank you so much for making it easy to display my preschooler's artwork, as well as, invitations and other important correspondence. It makes him feel so proud to see his creations hanging on the wall.
Warm regards,"

Magnetic Photo Wall
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see Martin's wall

Martin N. from Rockville Centre, NY
"As promised, I am enclosing a photo of my office, complete with my family's most important photos and all where I can see them everyday. They can be added, subtracted and moved anywhere. They adorn my wall all because of your Magically Magnetic paint. Thanks!"

Kim S. from Hastings-On-Hudson, NY
"Dear Mr. Lytle,
My second order from just arrived today. I am thrilled with your service and products.

I have magnetized several surfaces in my apartment using your magnetic paint additive, and the results are spectacular. I painted over the magnetized primer with my final coat on a finished wall last week, and everyone who comes to visit is duly impressed with the way my collection of photographs floats over a beautiful and colorful, painted surface. The effect is quite magical.

Personally, I'm incredibly pleased and proud to have found such an innovative and superb product that is not only every bit as impressive as its advertising promises, but that is also made in America. I have friends who grew up in Pennsylvania steel towns and tell tales of incredible hardship as manufacturing jobs in the region moved overseas. Thank you for finding a way to provide a quality product, excellent service, and local jobs.

I wish your company all the best of luck for continued growth and success. If the reaction from my friends is any indication, your business will continue to find and please new waves of customers.

Best regards from an avid fan."

Gloria N. from Hartford, CT
"I painted a wall in my son's room with your Magically Magnetic Paint. I wanted to be able to change decorations in his room as he grew. It worked out really great. I found a company on the internet that sold a similar magnetic paint in a ready mixed form in cans, but when I figured out how much I would need, their price was through the roof. Your additive allowed me to do my whole room at a price that was cheaper than just their shipping price alone. Your additive was much cheaper and my son loves the free magnets that you sent with my order.

Here is an idea that worked really well for us. My son had a write and wipe board that we had hanging on a nail before we painted his room. I followed the directions on your site for magnetizing a picture frame and put 60 mil thick adhesive magnet on the back of his board. I held it to the wall and was amazed at how well it stuck. Now it stays put, solidly mounted on the wall, much better than when we had it hanging on a nail. Best of all, no more nail holes in the wall and it doesn't fall off."

We did a test of a similar write and wipe board on our magnetic paint wall. See how it's done, including pictures and instructions.

Magnetic Wall
Click images to
see Marsha's wall
Marsha C. from Crawford, CO
"Dear Sirs,
It has taken a while to complete our project, but it is now done. We painted two walls in our library for a reading growth chart. Each student (K-8) has a frog with his or her name on it with the magnetic sheet on the back that hops from lily pad to lily pad until reaching the higher levels of reading and into the castle.

I found that the 20-mil thick adhesive sheet magnet that I had originally purchased didn't stick as well as I would have liked. I called you and you sent the 30-mil magnet. I wanted to tell you that it is working beautifully. I have enclosed a picture of the wall before our kids put their frogs up. They are going to be so excited! Thank you."

Marsha Cierpik, Librarian, Crawford School, Crawford, CO

Karen H. from Buffalo, NY
"I just completed a project in a child's playroom. First off, it was a pleasure doing business with your company. I received my package immediately after ordering. Thank you. Now getting to the magnetic paint - I LOVE IT. I needed to cover a large area, so I painted strips instead of a whole section. I was able to do 5 - 2" strips on 2 major walls. It looks great and my boys love hanging all the art work they do on the wall. No more tape - no mess. It is great. Thanks for a great product & wonderful customer service. I am thinking of where else i can use another can of this, so be waiting for another order soon. Have a great day."

Tamara B. from Romeoville, IL
"I went to google and used the search term magnetic paint. I chose your product because the website was well done. I also liked the Tuxedo Black frames as my project was to paint a laundry room. Then I put up a bunch of black and white photos of family and friends. It turned out pretty good even though I am a poor painter. Now doing laundry is more enjoyable while seeing all my favorite photos in the process. Thanks."

April K. from Burlington, NC
"Originally I was looking for magnetic paint similar to the pre-mixed paint I had already bought, but at a lower price. I was skeptical about getting the additive because the pre-mixed stuff was very difficult to stir up, so I thought mixing your product would be more difficult - but surprise - it was easier than re-mixing the pre-mixed stuff. The pre-mixed stuff is dark grayish-black and was hard to cover with my finish paint. It cost even more for additional paint to cover with my light finish color. I was excited because with yours, I could choose the color of the primer to mix with the additive. I choose white and the magnetic paint stayed white. I was also excited because your product is less expensive and you actually get more magnetic paint. I expected your product to save me money, but I didn't realize that it was going to save me so much time too!!

I ordered a small amount of your magnetic paint additive the first time - mixed it up, and it worked great. This is my second order and I look forward to receiving it!"

Magnetic Photo Wall
Click image to
see Jeff's wall
Jeff T. from Phoenix, AZ
"I just wanted to send you a photo of my magnetic wall. Applying the Magnetic Paint was a snap and your magnetic photo frames work terrific on it. I was glad to find all the photo frame sizes that I needed in one place. Thanks for the fantastic product and lightning quick shipping. Look for another order from me in the near future."

Bryan W. from Soquel, CA
"The order just arrived today. Very fast!! I am glad to buy directly from your company. My local drug store used to carry your magnetic frames where I would buy them. When the drug store changed to a corporate chain, they were no longer stocking them and had another 'photo pocket' that I did not like as much. It is actually less expensive to buy directly in bulk from you. I have a four year old whose photo is on the refrigerators of both grandmas and aunts and uncles. I was also pleased to see the other products available, which will come in handy as the little one wants to put up her artwork everywhere.

Thank you again,

PS: Nice work with the EMT-ALERT, free printable sheet. I work as a firefighter/paramedic and yes, we look for that kind of information and it does come in handy."

Sue W. from Perrysville, OH
"Our local fire department has handed out your EMT-ALERTs that can be displayed magnetically on a refrigerator. They gave one to each household. How I love this idea! In fact I like it so well I was wondering if I could purchase additional EMT-ALERTs for distant relatives. Enclosed is a self-addressed envelope for your reply. They will make great Christmas presents!"

Photo Magnets
Photo Magnets
Click images to
see Malika's fridge
Malika C. from Baltimore, MD
"I regularly order magnets from you guys to create magnets with my photography. I have included some photos of my fridge which is always covered in them! Your fast shipping and friendly customer service makes ordering a pleasure. I would love to be listed on your website. I have a photography website where I sell a lot of the photo magnets I have made with your products. If you would like to link to my website, that would be great.

Ms. Carr has created a beautiful colleague of her photos using individual magnetic frames in many sizes. In this way, she is able to add to or change her display easily any time without disturbing the rest of the pictures.

Millie P. from Oakmont, IL
"I found a beautiful Christmas shopping bag at a local Dollar Store and my daughter just loved the snowman pictured on the bag. I thought the side of the bag with many snowmen would make a nice poster for her room on her magnetic wall, so I bought some bags. When I got home, I trimmed the folded edges off the poster on the side of the bag and mounted it with six of your Technostryd rare earth magnets. I also cut the other side of the bag apart for separate snowmen magnets and stuck 20-mil thick self-adhesive sheet magnet to the backs. I then trimmed off the edges again to get a clean edge with the magnet going all the way to each side. These separate snowmen magnets could be used anywhere on the wall or the fridge for inexpensive winter decorations. My daughter loved them. I'm sending you one of the bags we bought so you can try it yourself. Maybe you can tell your customers how easily it was done."

Funky Fridge Magnets
Photo Magnets
Click images to
see Donna's magnets
Donna and John M. from Portland, OR
"Dear Mr. Lytle,
We received our order today and are extremely pleased with how quickly it arrived. We have a shop on line where we sell art magnets. Your 30-mil sheets are perfect for our use and are the lowest cost ones we have found. Ordering from your site was very quick and easy. We appreciate the free gifts you included as well. Here are a couple of pictures of the magnets we make, and a link to our shop website. We are excited to see that you have magnetic paint additive since we want to make displays for our magnets. We will certainly be ordering from your store again!
Thank you"

Bryan H. from Inverness, IL
"Sorry I did not send this to you sooner. I want to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with your service and product. Today's retail establishments such as Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc, etc, (very long list), have FAILED. I grew up with one on one service and I am finding the web, although it is not face to face, is providing me with smaller companies that really want to provide service! Keep doing what you are doing. I passed your information on to my HVAC contractor telling them that they should provide your company information to every installation. Thanks."

Colored Magnetic Photo Fridge
Click image to
see Nancy's art
Nancy H. from East Aurora, NY
"HI. My name is Nancy Hall and I'm a mouth painter. Yes, I paint with a brush in my mouth. I am a full quadriplegic and took up painting. I sell my art in your magnetic photo frames. People really enjoy them. Thanks."

Nancy creates wonderful paintings on bookmarks, inspirational cards and original prints. You can read more about Nancy, see her art and place an order for some of Nancy's paintings at her official website or her YouTube website. Nancy and her five children will appreciate it.

October 24, 2011 - Nancy writes:
Just an update on me. I have used your magnets for my artwork for years now and you folks even posted my work on your web page. I'm happy to tell you I've been accepted into the International Mouth and Foot Association as of March 2011. So now my art is world wide in your magnets. Thank you."

Congratulations Nancy!

Colored Magnetic Photo Fridge
Click image to
see Ayako's Fridge
Ayako S. from San Jose, CA
"Hi. I LOVE your Colored Soft Pocket Magnetic Frames! I use them to display my kids' photos on the refrigerator door. Every visitor loves the photo gallery!"

Sandra W. from Long Island, NY
"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I really like your picture frames. I bought my first ones while on a trip to my daughter's house. The craft store in her town sold them, but when I went back the next year, your frames were gone and another brand of a similar type were in their place. The replacements were thin and cheap looking. They were curled up at the edges and didn't even lay flat in the display at the store. Well, I told the clerk what I thought of the imitation frames. She apologized, saying that when their supply of Lytle frames ran out, they didn't know where to get any more and tried a new company. The store manager didn't like the new frames either. When I got home, I sent a letter to the store manager with your address. Now my daughter can buy them again locally. The manager told her that they really sell well and he's keeping your address safe. You can send my commission check to..."

Click images to
see Pam's Wall-o-Life
Pam R. from Seattle, WA
"Hi David,
We were extremely pleased with the picture frames we ordered from Magically Magnetic. They were just what we wanted, and they arrived promptly and in great shape. They look so much nicer -- and work so much better -- than the magnetic frames we had before. They were a little bit more expensive, but they were well worth it! And they were still a lot cheaper than what we could have found in a retail store.

I'm attaching a picture of our "Wall-o-Life." We created the wall by hanging three, 3ft x 3ft sheets of black painted steel and covering them with snapshots of our life. Our hope is that friends and family will contribute additional pictures of their own, and we will periodically update the wall as time goes by. We recently moved from a small town in rural NH to downtown Seattle, and our Wall-o-Life (which greets visitors as they enter our condo) has helped bring a homey feeling to our "big city pad."

Thanks so much for creating your product!"

Dawn C. from Dulles, VA
"Hello wonderful Magnet People!
I wanted to let you know that I received my order today. Don't worry that you think it took so long, I live in the Caribbean and mail takes a while to get here.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that these (magnetic pocket style photo frames) are the best things ever!! They are so well made and very snappy looking on my fridge. I can't tell you how much I like them. In fact, be looking for another order from me in the next couple months!

Thank you so much for your timely service and great product. I will be sure to share with my friends where I got them."

Photo Magnets
Click images to
see Kimberly's fridge
Kimberly P. from Sitka, AK
"Dear David,
I received my photo magnets today and I'm so excited to have them! I have been using your magnets for a while now, but needed more. That is why I placed this order. I'm thrilled to have found you on the web because I no longer have a local store in which to buy them. Your magnets are also a much better quality than other brands I have used in the past.

I mostly buy the 4x6 magnetic photo pocket frames and LOVE them. They are perfect for covering my fridge with friends and family. They keep the pictures neat and organized. My pictures are also protected from my curious 2 year old. He loves to see everyone, but now he can do it without tearing up the pictures. I sure do get lots of compliments when friends see my "photo gallery." I gladly pass on your info so they can buy the magnets too. Thanks for your great product and the free gifts."

Dorothy H. from Charleston, NC
"I googled the words magnetic photo frame, and you had, hands down, the best price. Even with shipping, you were still cheaper than a regular store, you offered the sizes I needed and were cheaper than the other websites.

My entire refrigerator is covered with photos of family and friends. The photos are in hard acrylic frames with small magnets on the back. They often fall or get knocked off onto the floor. In our old home, the floor was covered in tiny dents where the frames had landed corner down. When we moved, I added additional magnets to the back of each frame. It helped some. Now we have a baby who loves to pull the frames off the fridge and chew on them. I am worried about small magnet pieces coming off and her choking on them. Your frames solve both problems, so I am replacing all of them."

Colored Magnetic Photo Fridge
Click image to
see Betty Jo's Fridge
Betty G. from Fort Wayne, IN
"I'm sending you a picture of our twelve great grandchildren that we show on our fridge in your magnetic photo holders. I ordered 4 x 6 for our four kids and eight grandkids, and then remembered that I can't get that many 4 x 6's on our fridge. I also ordered 3½ x 5 frames for us. I also ordered fifty more of the 4 x 6 frames to send to our kids who want some for their own fridges. We'll be having another great grandchild in March. Thanks for offering your items at lower prices in bulk or I couldn't have ordered so many."

Gene J. from Mesa, AZ
"It is essential at least for me to be able to use your online orderform. The added free gifts are very useful - like the 4" x 6" frame. Super! Thanks. I NEVER buy frames at the drugstore anymore. It's not worth the expense, nor the looking around for the right frames. I just order from you and have NEVER been disappointed.

I've been able to start a tradition of sending magnetized framed photos to my family back east. I love doing it and am glad your company helps me do that very easily. I just tried the magnetic paint for the first time. (Gotta say I was doubtful it would work.) But it seems to be functioning very well. I am very pleased with my magnetized sewing room wall.

I also ordered and shipped some frames to my sister back east - with a description of how she can use your site to get a wall going for her first grandchildren's pictures. I'm thinking she will find your products useful and your site a great way to get what she needs to display her pride and joy."

Magnetic Fender Guard
Magnetic Fender Guard
Magnetic Fender Guard
Click images to
see Curt's Porsche
Curt M. from Andover, KS

I JUST orderd a large roll of magnetic material in an attempt to make Pylon Cone shields for my (unbelievably gorgeous 911) autocross car. The big WHACK of hitting one can be quite horrifying -- a scratch would ruin my day! It may work, may not. But willing to give it a try.

If it works I'll let you know and I wonder if a cheap add with (sports car club of america) wouldn't generate quite a number of sales.
Food for thought. Wish me luck.

Curt writes again:

The rear fender guards in magnetic material worked out very well. Of course, once I had them I did not hit the fender. Using Murphy's law to my advantage. Here are the pics. Thanks for the tape idea. It worked out great.
Thanks again,

Edna S. from Palo Alto, CA
Thank you for the update and for your excellent service. In response to your request to share my experience with your Fridge-Friendly Picture Frames and your company, it goes back to the early 90s, when I found your frames at a 30-min photo in Millburn, NJ. It was an instant bond. In 1995 we moved to Palo Alto CA, and I had a local store order them from you, until they closed, a few years ago. I have used your magnets for myself and as gifts, for family and friends, who often send requests for more. When traveling to Israel, Australia, etc., they make the best hostess gifts and Thank you gifts, complete with a photo of the hosts, etc.

People remember me by my gifts, because they find them to be so useful, for holding notes, as well, and even a small notebook for to-do lists. For one Christmas party at which I wanted to give a small gift to a dozen people whom I didn't know well, if at all, I used one of your Pocket Magnetic frames in which the insert was a picture of us, holiday greetings, and a message to replace the insert with the receiver's favorite photo, for their own fridge. It was a big hit. All I can say is one can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many Magically Magnetic picture-holders."

Yes, Edna, we couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for writing.

Magnetic Photo Door
Click image to
see Tom's door
Tom M. from Oak Lawn, IL
"Hello. I've enjoyed Magically Magnetic photo frames from my first order and thought I would just send a thank you for your excellent product and service. Your frames contribute to a constant point of interest in my home. They're so versatile for creating original displays of my photos and getting attention from everyone that visits. I display them on one of two steel security doors, and I'm working on filling the other one also. It works so well, eventually everyone has to stand up and take a closer look. It beats having them roll their eyes when you mention a photo album."

Audrey T. from Hamburg, NY
"Please send me 20 of your 4 x 6 white satin magnetic frames with the enclosed check. Thank you. I have given your information to family and friends for years. Our refrigerator door and sides are full with wonderful pictures and memories."

Brian S. from San Diego, CA
"I bought some of your freezer frames from a photo shop in San Diego that is now out of business. Someone once told me that if I ever find something that I really like, I should buy a lifetime supply of it. The company would probably stop making it. I was so happy to find your frames are still for sale. Please send me your free catalog."

Magnetic Photo Fridge
Rebecca M. from Aiken, SC
"HELP! I'm out of order forms. (My second order in two weeks!) I underestimated the size of my new refrigerator. Thank you, Thank you."

Rebecca writes again:
"Just thought you might like to see what a "LYTLE addiction" looks like. My family calls this the "fridge of fame"! Our refrigerator is the most complimented feature in our home."

Kim B. from Independence, MO
"I have had your 4" x 6" frame holders on my fridge for years now, and always get compliments on keeping fun pictures up for everyone to see. I was glad to see that you had an Internet site. My sister-in-law wanted some for her birthday, and I found your site, ordered and my shopping was done. They were delivered quickly too. I love your products!"

Beth C. from Boston, MA
"My husband is in the Navy and just shipped out. My three children and I were so very sad to see him go. The hugs and kisses couldn't last long enough. We took many pictures the day before he left and got them developed in only half an hour. The people at the store were so nice. My husband wants some frames to put our pictures up on his steel ship wall next to his bunk. The kids and I want some too so we can put his picture on our refrigerator door where we can see him everyday til he returns.

You must get thousands of orders for your wonderful frames. We have been buying them to send Christmas photos to our relatives for years. I never thought they would become so important to our family at a time like this. Thank you for your products. We love them."

Magnetic Photo Fridge
Magnetic Photo Fridge
Click image to
see William's Fridge
William L. from Babylon, NY
Dear Magically Magnetic,
Thank you for the wonderful magnetic photo frames. Here is a photo of our fridge before and after Magically Magnetic. It was a little disorganized before we found your frames. Now, it's all clean and neat. Friends always stop to look at our pictures when they are in the kitchen. We have used all the frames in our last order. Please send us a duplicate order as soon as you can. Thank you again for such a nice product."

Dr. Peter L. from Philadelphia, PA.
"I work in a hospital in the city and some of my older patients do not have family close enough to visit. I have often found that they bring pictures of their families with them and want to stick them up on the walls of their rooms. Our hospital does not allow tape to be used on the walls, but your frames stick very nicely to the metal parts near the bed. I have given several of your frames to my patients and need some more. You wouldn't believe some of the stories I have heard from my patients about their grandchildren when I stop to admire a photo I do believe those simple photos have healing powers. Maybe it's the magnets."

Jim and Sandy B. from Booth Bay, ME
"My wife and I are retired now and spend most of our time traveling in our motor home visiting the kids and their families. We love taking pictures of the grandkids and until we found your beautiful magnetic frames and MAGNA-MOUNTS, there was no way to hang them in our motor home because we couldn't put nails in the walls. Those MAGNA-MOUNTS you sell are perfect. Maybe too good, we now have just about every square inch of wall space covered with pictures of the whole family. It's so nice to sit and sip our coffee in the morning and think about all the great times we've had being with the little ones. I was really surprised that the frames don't even move when we go over bumps. They work really well, just like they are supposed to.

Lately, my wife has been ill and our travels in the rolling house have been cut short. Now many of our photos line the walls in our bedroom where she can see them all the time. I thank youfor helping us protect and enjoy all our wonderful memories together. Sandy says hello and can we have another catalog please?"

Alice K. from Lansing, NY
"Thank you for making it possible to find your Magnetic Photo Frames. I sent a number of snapshots of our children to my husband who is overseas on active duty. He is able to display these photos easily on the steel wall of his living quarters aboard ship. His shipmates would like some now. Could you please send a catalog of your fridge magnets?"

Diane J. from Northhampton, MA
"I have written to you for a catalog of your complete line of refrigerator frames because I saw them on the refrigerator of a friend and was impressed with their magnetic strength and the way they actually beautify the photos they hold. I have many of the heavier, thicker plexi-glass magnetic frames on my fridge but they always fall off when the door is closed or when I sometimes just pass by the fridge and happen to brush the door. Your frames hold so tightly they are almost hard to remove to change pictures. Please send your catalog, I'd like to buy quite a few for myself and friends."

Joyce I. from Goodman, WI
"Thank you for such a wonderful product. My fridge is covered with your frames. I constantly get compliments from friends and guests who always find themselves standing in front of the fridge inspecting my latest family photos of our children. It always leads to an opportunity to tell stories of our family's latest vacation or special occasions. Your frames also make wonderful gifts. Thank you for shipping my order so quickly, I was very pleased."

Jackie C. from Seattle, WA
"Hi David,
I ordered your adhesive magnet sheets a while back and am sending a few photos of how I used your product. I cut out circles from the magnet sheets and stuck them to small tins which I filled with spices. The finished product is a spice rack that conveniently attaches to the fridge with magnets. I made several sets to give as Christmas gifts this year. I'm very happy with how they turned out. The magnets are strong enough to hold the tin and spices inside. Also, I washed them in warm soapy water and the adhesive is holding up great. Thanks for making a quality, affordable product!

Sally S. from Oklahoma City, OK
"My magnets arrived yesterday and they are just "exactly" what I wanted. I did not order from the internet because I couldn't tell which magnet I I called. The person who answered the phone made a recommendation and took my very small order. I wish everyone with whom I do business were as accommodating as you. I will recommend you to anyone who needs magnetic photo frames and will place my next order only with you. You are a "breath of fresh air"!"

Linda S. from Pittsburgh, PA
"Where in the world did you ever get the idea for such a wonderful product? I love these things. My daughter and I use them for everything; Baby Shower gifts, Christmas gifts, Wedding thank-you gifts with a photo of her husband and her and birth announcements when she had her first baby. I just want to say Thank You. We have your frames all over our fridge and so do all our friends. It sure makes a nice way to be able to show off the pictures you like the best. I was wondering, I'm really getting into scrapbooking lately. Can you make a 12 x 12 frame I can use to frame a collection of photos on scrapbook paper? I'd love to show off some of my favorite new pages. Thanks again. I love your products."

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